Hilliard & Columbus, Ohio

Tomorrow's Child Preschool

Tomorrow's Child is a privately owned and operated preschool/daycare that goes beyond the typical service expected from a childcare center. We have been serving the Hilliard community for over 35 years and are privileged to be located in a family-oriented town. We incorporate the feeling of family in our close-knit center.

Comprehensive Childcare

At Tomorrow's Child Preschool, we don't just equip children with toys, games, and entertainment. We provide them with a safe, family-like atmosphere where they can develop socially and intellectually. We foster age-appropriate mental stimulation and integrate the Ohio Early Learning Standards for children in all of our age groups.

Our staff puts your children's well-being above everything else, beyond simply fostering their development and keeping them entertained. Every member of our staff is certified in several health and safety modules, including first aid, CPR, child abuse awareness, and communicable diseases. Moreover, all entrances to our building have locks that require a special code to enter, and the building has 24-hour video surveillance.

In addition, we provide a nutritious lunch and two healthy snacks for your children to enjoy during their time with us. This food even meets one-third of children's daily nutritional value, so you don't have to worry about your children receiving poor nutrition while they're away from you.